Malaguti F10 Low compression

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Malaguti F10 Low compression

Postby malteser » Mon Nov 13, 2017 7:13 am

Hi everyone,

This might be a long post but I really could do with some help on this. I recently purchased a non running F10 1996 model. I have done the following list of things and I just can't get it to fire up at all. When I turn it over it turns over pretty well and I can hear a hissing sound from the compression but it won't fire up. I also can't see any fuel going to the cards from the fuel cock however it is my understanding that fuel will only travel when it is started due to the vacuum.

I have done the following:

completely stripped the engine
Installed new shaft seals
Complete new engine gaskets
New piston and rings. I paid attention to the bevelled side up on the rings and to have the slits set apart due to compression.
New Fuel Cock
New air filter
New clutch flywheel

I am trying to run a compression test but it's only going up to 25psi. I had tried putting some fuel in the cylinder to see if fuel is an issue but it won't fire up anyway. I tried a spark test and it seemed ok but I will buy a new plug just in case. The only thing I can think of is that when I closed the lower part of the engine case that it didn't seal perfectly at some point. I thought that the compression only came from within the cylinder part.

Any ideas as to why this won't fire up. I have run out of ideas. The only thing I want to double check is to make sure that I have installed the arrow towards the exhaust on the piston.

Many thanks in advance.

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